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Andrien Trujillo

     Born and raised in Miami, Florida, I was raised by an artistic family; both in the visual and musical industry.  At a very young age, my Uncle who also was also a photographer introduced me to the world of photography. My initial experience was learning the ropes in my Uncle’s processing lab. 
      My admiration for photography continued as a student at Rochester Institute of Technology, where I received his BFA in 2001.  Upon graduating, I started working at KSC Studio’s in Rochester, NY and NYC. Within a year of working in NY, KSC Studio merged with Studio FX and returned to his hometown of South Florida; now known as ONE KREATE.   In 2014 I relocated to One Kreate's office in San Diego. In December of 2017 I left OneKreate and went to work at Petco as lead photographer.
     Working at ONE KREATE has been an unforgettable experience.  It has given me the opportunity traveling the world; as well as meeting new people.  In working with  clients we form close relationships and friendships.  I owe my accomplishments to my clients, co-workers, stylists, assistants, and to everyone part of the production process.  An extra thanks goes to my professors who provided me with the appropriate tools/guidance into the world of photography.  The unending support from my family has been priceless and most appreciated.

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